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Supermetrics Uploader

Here you can find support on using Supermetrics Uploader. In case your question isn't covered here, please visit our support forum (You can search the forum for answers, send us a private ticket, or create a public forum post)


Frequently Asked Questions

What data does the tool upload to Google Analytics?

When scheduling an upload from Bing Ads or Facebook Ads,  Supermetrics Uploader uploads the following fields:

  • Date
  • Campaign name
  • Campaign ID
  • Ad group name
  • Keyword
  • Ad ID
  • Ad destination URL
  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  • Cost

When uploading a CSV file, there are some additional fields that can be uploaded:

  • Matched search query
  • Ad content
  • Referral path
  • Criteria ID
  • Ad slot
  • Ad slot position
  • Display URL

Which fields will actually be uploaded depends on which are contained in the file you are uploading.

I just scheduled an upload. When will I see the data in Google Analytics?

Supermetrics Uploader runs the scheduled Bing Ads / Facebook Ads uploads once a day. You should see the data for the last few days within 24 hours of scheduling the upload.

CSV uploads are processed immediately, and the data should be visible in Google Analytics within one hour.

Where in Google Analytics is the data displayed?

You can find the data in the Acquisition: Campaigns: Cost Analysis report and any other reports that include ad cost, impressions or clicks. You can also access the data using any reporting tools that access the Google Analytics API, such as Supermetrics Data Grabber.

I can't schedule an upload, because whichever Google Analytics webproperty I select, the tool returns an "No custom data sources found" error.

To create a custom data source:

  1. Visit Google Analytics and sign-in
  2. Navigate to the Admin section (open it by clicking this link)
  3. Select the Account and then Web Property for which you want to create a custom data source
  4. Select the Data Import
  5. Select "+ NEW DATA SET"
  6. Select Cost Data" and Next step
  7. Select a name for the data source and which views (profiles) to link to the Custom Data Source. The Cost Data for this source will appear in the selected views reports.
  8. For "Data set schema", you can select any fields, it doesn't matter what you select as our tool will override these settings. Also, it doesn't matter what you select as "Import behavior", our tool will always run uploads as overwrites (meaning a new upload will overwrite rows in any older uploads to the same custom data source that have the same dimension values).

Note that uploading data requires Admin level access rights to the Google Analytics web property.

I've already uploaded data into Google Analytics using another upload tool. Will Supermetrics Uploader overwrite this data?

Supermetrics Uploader always overwrites any previous uploads for the same date and same custom data source that have the same dimension values (campaign names etc.). If you want to ensure no previously uploaded data is overwritten, you should create a separate custom data source to be used with Supermetrics Uploader.

What does Supermetrics Uploader do with my data?

Supermetrics Uploader accesses your Bing Ads / Facebook Ads account to fetch data, and then uploads it to Google Analytics. Your Bing/Facebook data is not permanently stored anywhere, the tool just passes it along to Google Analytics. We keep each day's uploaded data on our servers for up 24 hours, so you have the option to check what data we've uploaded.

Do I need to provide my Google Account login credentials to the tool?

No, you never need to provide these to Supermetrics Uploader. You authenticate to Google Analytics using OAuth, a secure authentication method recommended by Google. This means that you never have to type your password to Supermetrics Uploader, as the authentication happens on a Google-hosted webpage. Supermetrics Uploader will only have rights to access your Google Analytics data, nothing else on your Google account. You can revoke Supermetrics Uploader's right to access your data at any point from your Google Account control panel.

I've had an upload running successfully for some time, but now I get an "invalid credentials" error. What's wrong?

This error appears if you change your Bing Ads username or password. Changing either of these will break all uploads that were scheduled with the old login credentials. To solve this, you have to delete the old uploads and reschedule them.

Will you be adding automatics daily uploads other data sources besides Bing Ads?

Yes, we will definitely add others too. What these are depends on the feedback we get. You can send your suggestions to us at

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