Dimension list for YouTube

35 dimensions available

Year & monthYearmonth
Year & week (Mon-Sun)Yearweek
Week (Mon-Sun)Week
Week (Mon-Sun, dates)yearweekiso_daterange
VIDEO/CHANNELVideo/channel nameprofile
Video/channel IDprofileid
Video published datepublishedAt
Video URLvideourl
Video image URLvideoimage
Video descriptionvideoDescriptionThe video`s description.
Video tagsvideoTagsA list of keyword tags associated with the video.
Video categoryvideoCategoryThe YouTube video category associated with the video.
Video lengthvideoLengthThe length of the video.
Video resolutionvideoResolutionIndicates whether the video is available in high definition (HD) or only in standard definition.
Video has captionsvideoHasCaptionsIndicates whether captions are available for the video.
Video is licensed contentvideoLicensedContentIndicates whether the video represents licensed content, which means that the content was uploaded to a channel linked to a YouTube content partner and then claimed by that partner.
Video age restrictionvideoAgeRestrictionA rating that YouTube uses to identify age-restricted content
Video privacy statusprivacyStatusThe video`s privacy status.
US stateUSstate
Age groupageGroup
Gender & age groupgenderage
Operating systemoperatingSystem
Device typedeviceType
PLAYBACKPlayback locationinsightPlaybackLocationType
Playback location detail for embedded playbacksinsightPlaybackLocationDetail
Traffic sourceinsightTrafficSourceType
Traffic source detailinsightTrafficSourceDetail
Sharing servicesharingService
AUDIENCE RETENTIONElapsed video time ratioelapsedVideoTimeRatio
ADSAd typeadType