Metric list for Google Analytics

New usersnewvisits
Total time on sitetimeonsite_hours
Bounce rateentrancebouncerate_perc
New sessions %percentnewvisits_perc
Avg. session length (min)avgtimeonsite_minutes
Avg. session length (h:m:s)avgtimeonsite_hms
Avg. pageviews per sessionpageviewspervisit
7 day active users7dayUsers
14 day active users14dayUsers
30 day active users30dayUsers
Transaction revenuetransactionrevenue
Item revenueitemrevenue
Item quantityitemquantity
Transaction shippingtransactionshipping
Transaction taxtransactiontax
Unique purchasesuniquepurchases
Avg. revenue per userrevenuePerUser
Avg. revenue per itemrevenuePerItem
Avg. revenue per sessiontransactionrevenuepervisit
Avg. order valuerevenuepertransaction
Items per purchaseitemsperpurchase
Ecommerce conversion rate % (transactions/sessions)EcommerceConversionRate_perc
Item revenue (local currency)localItemRevenue
Transaction revenue (local currency)localTransactionRevenue
Transaction shipping (local currency)localTransactionShipping
Transaction tax (local currency)localTransactionTax
Product List ViewsproductListViews
Product List ClicksproductListClicks
Product List CTRproductListCTR_perc
Product Detail ViewsproductDetailViews
Product Adds To CartproductAddsToCart
Product Removes From CartproductRemovesFromCart
Product CheckoutsproductCheckouts
Product RefundsproductRefunds
Product Refund AmountproductRefundAmount
Product Revenue per PurchaseproductRevenuePerPurchase
Cart-to-Detail RatecartToDetailRate_perc
Buy-to-Detail RatebuyToDetailRate_perc
Quantity Added To CartquantityAddedToCart
Quantity Removed From CartquantityRemovedFromCart
Quantity Checked OutquantityCheckedOut
Quantity RefundedquantityRefunded
Refund AmountrefundAmount
Local Product Refund AmountlocalProductRefundAmount
Local Refund AmountlocalRefundAmount
Internal Promotion ClicksinternalPromotionClicks
Internal Promotion ViewsinternalPromotionViews
Internal Promotion CTRinternalPromotionCTR_perc
Queried Product QuantityqueryProductQuantity
Related Product QuantityrelatedProductQuantity
Correlation ScorecorrelationScore
Unique pageviewsuniquepageviews
Total time on page (h:m)timeonpage
Avg. time on page (sec)avgtimeonpage
Exit rateexitrate_perc
Page valuepageValue
Content group 1 unique viewscontentGroupUniqueViews1
Content group 2 unique viewscontentGroupUniqueViews2
Content group 3 unique viewscontentGroupUniqueViews3
Content group 4 unique viewscontentGroupUniqueViews4
Content group 5 unique viewscontentGroupUniqueViews5
Total eventstotalevents
Unique eventsuniqueevents
Unique dimension combinationsuniqueDimensionCombinations
Sessions with eventvisitswithevent
Event valueeventvalue
Avg. event valueavgeventvalue
Avg. events per session with eventeventspervisitwithevent
Ad Impressionsimpressions
Ad clicksadclicks
Ad costadcost
Avg. revenue per ad click (RPC)rpc
Return on ad spend (ROAS) %roas_perc
Total conversionsmcf:totalConversions
Total conversion valuemcf:totalConversionValue
Assisted conversionsmcf:assistedConversions
Assisted conversion valuemcf:assistedValue
First interaction conversionsmcf:firstInteractionConversions
First interaction conversion valuemcf:firstInteractionValue
Last interaction conversionsmcf:lastInteractionConversions
Last interaction conversion valuemcf:lastInteractionValue
Assisted/Last click conversions ratiomcf:assistedToLastClickRatio
AdSense ads viewedadsenseAdsViewed
AdSense ad units viewedadsenseAdUnitsViewed
AdSense page impressionsadsensePageImpressions
AdSense clicksadsenseAdsClicks
AdSense revenueadsenseRevenue
AdSense CTRadsenseCTR
AdSense eCPMadsenseECPM
AdSense exitsadsenseExits
Social actions (onsite)socialInteractions
Unique social actions (onsite)uniqueSocialInteractions
Social actions (offsite)socialActivities
Search uniquessearchuniques
Search sessionssearchvisits
Search result viewssearchresultviews
Search refinementssearchrefinements
Search exitssearchexits
Avg. search pageviewsavgsearchresultviews
Avg. search depthavgsearchdepth
Avg. search durationavgsearchduration
Search exit ratesearchexitrate_perc
Percent of sessions with searchpercentvisitswithsearch
Avg. page load time (sec)avgpageloadtime
Avg. domain lookup time (sec)avgdomainlookuptime
Avg. page download time (sec)avgpagedownloadtime
Avg. redirection time (sec)avgredirectiontime
Avg. server connection time (sec)avgserverconnectiontime
Avg. server response time (sec)avgserverresponsetime
Sample size used for calculating speed metricsspeedmetricssample
Screen viewsscreenviews
Unique screen viewsuniqueScreenviews
Screen views per sessionavgScreenviews
Avg. time on screen (sec)avgTimeOnScreen
Fatal exceptionsfatalExceptions
Exceptions per screenviewexceptionsPerScreenview
Fatal exceptions per screenviewfatalExceptionsPerScreenview
Avg. timing value (sec)avgTimingValue
Timing sample sizeuserTimingSample
Organic searches within a sessionorganicsearches
Goal starts, all goalsgoalstartsall
Goal completions, all goalsgoalcompletionsall
Goal conversion rate, all goalsgoalconversionrateall_perc
Total goal valuegoalvalueall
Total value (goals + ecommerce)totalValue
Avg. goal value per sessiongoalvaluepervisit
Goal 1 completionsgoal1completions
Goal 2 completionsgoal2completions
Goal 3 completionsgoal3completions
Goal 4 completionsgoal4completions
Goal 5 completionsgoal5completions
Goal 6 completionsgoal6completions
Goal 7 completionsgoal7completions
Goal 8 completionsgoal8completions
Goal 9 completionsgoal9completions
Goal 10 completionsgoal10completions
Goal 11 completionsgoal11completions
Goal 12 completionsgoal12completions
Goal 13 completionsgoal13completions
Goal 14 completionsgoal14completions
Goal 15 completionsgoal15completions
Goal 16 completionsgoal16completions
Goal 17 completionsgoal17completions
Goal 18 completionsgoal18completions
Goal 19 completionsgoal19completions
Goal 20 completionsgoal20completions
Goal 1 conversion rategoal1conversionrate_perc
Goal 2 conversion rategoal2conversionrate_perc
Goal 3 conversion rategoal3conversionrate_perc
Goal 4 conversion rategoal4conversionrate_perc
Goal 5 conversion rategoal5conversionrate_perc
Goal 6 conversion rategoal6conversionrate_perc
Goal 7 conversion rategoal7conversionrate_perc
Goal 8 conversion rategoal8conversionrate_perc
Goal 9 conversion rategoal9conversionrate_perc
Goal 10 conversion rategoal10conversionrate_perc
Goal 11 conversion rategoal11conversionrate_perc
Goal 12 conversion rategoal12conversionrate_perc
Goal 13 conversion rategoal13conversionrate_perc
Goal 14 conversion rategoal14conversionrate_perc
Goal 15 conversion rategoal15conversionrate_perc
Goal 16 conversion rategoal16conversionrate_perc
Goal 17 conversion rategoal17conversionrate_perc
Goal 18 conversion rategoal18conversionrate_perc
Goal 19 conversion rategoal19conversionrate_perc
Goal 20 conversion rategoal20conversionrate_perc
Goal 1 funnel abandon rategoal1abandonrate_perc
Goal 2 funnel abandon rategoal2abandonrate_perc
Goal 3 funnel abandon rategoal3abandonrate_perc
Goal 4 funnel abandon rategoal4abandonrate_perc
Goal 5 funnel abandon rategoal5abandonrate_perc
Goal 6 funnel abandon rategoal6abandonrate_perc
Goal 7 funnel abandon rategoal7abandonrate_perc
Goal 8 funnel abandon rategoal8abandonrate_perc
Goal 9 funnel abandon rategoal9abandonrate_perc
Goal 10 funnel abandon rategoal10abandonrate_perc
Goal 11 funnel abandon rategoal11abandonrate_perc
Goal 12 funnel abandon rategoal12abandonrate_perc
Goal 13 funnel abandon rategoal13abandonrate_perc
Goal 14 funnel abandon rategoal14abandonrate_perc
Goal 15 funnel abandon rategoal15abandonrate_perc
Goal 16 funnel abandon rategoal16abandonrate_perc
Goal 17 funnel abandon rategoal17abandonrate_perc
Goal 18 funnel abandon rategoal18abandonrate_perc
Goal 19 funnel abandon rategoal19abandonrate_perc
Goal 20 funnel abandon rategoal20abandonrate_perc
Goal 1 valuegoal1value
Goal 2 valuegoal2value
Goal 3 valuegoal3value
Goal 4 valuegoal4value
Goal 5 valuegoal5value
Goal 6 valuegoal6value
Goal 7 valuegoal7value
Goal 8 valuegoal8value
Goal 9 valuegoal9value
Goal 10 valuegoal10value
Goal 11 valuegoal11value
Goal 12 valuegoal12value
Goal 13 valuegoal13value
Goal 14 valuegoal14value
Goal 15 valuegoal15value
Goal 16 valuegoal16value
Goal 17 valuegoal17value
Goal 18 valuegoal18value
Goal 19 valuegoal19value
Goal 20 valuegoal20value
Goal 1 startsgoal1starts
Goal 2 startsgoal2starts
Goal 3 startsgoal3starts
Goal 4 startsgoal4starts
Goal 5 startsgoal5starts
Goal 6 startsgoal6starts
Goal 7 startsgoal7starts
Goal 8 startsgoal8starts
Goal 9 startsgoal9starts
Goal 10 startsgoal10starts
Goal 11 startsgoal11starts
Goal 12 startsgoal12starts
Goal 13 startsgoal13starts
Goal 14 startsgoal14starts
Goal 15 startsgoal15starts
Goal 16 startsgoal16starts
Goal 17 startsgoal17starts
Goal 18 startsgoal18starts
Goal 19 startsgoal19starts
Goal 20 startsgoal20starts
Custom metric 1metric1
Custom metric 2metric2
Custom metric 3metric3
Custom metric 4metric4
Custom metric 5metric5
Custom metric 6metric6
Custom metric 7metric7
Custom metric 8metric8
Custom metric 9metric9
Custom metric 10metric10
Custom metric 11metric11
Custom metric 12metric12
Custom metric 13metric13
Custom metric 14metric14
Custom metric 15metric15
Custom metric 16metric16
Custom metric 17metric17
Custom metric 18metric18
Custom metric 19metric19
Custom metric 20metric20
Custom metric 21metric21
Custom metric 22metric22
Custom metric 23metric23
Custom metric 24metric24
Custom metric 25metric25
Custom metric 26metric26
Custom metric 27metric27
Custom metric 28metric28
Custom metric 29metric29
Custom metric 30metric30
Custom metric 31metric31
Custom metric 32metric32
Custom metric 33metric33
Custom metric 34metric34
Custom metric 35metric35
Custom metric 36metric36
Custom metric 37metric37
Custom metric 38metric38
Custom metric 39metric39
Custom metric 40metric40
Custom metric 41metric41
Custom metric 42metric42
Custom metric 43metric43
Custom metric 44metric44
Custom metric 45metric45
Custom metric 46metric46
Custom metric 47metric47
Custom metric 48metric48
Custom metric 49metric49
Custom metric 50metric50
DFA ImpressionsdcmImpressions
DFA ClicksdcmClicks
DFA CostdcmCost
DFA CTRdcmCTR_perc
DFA ConversionsdcmFloodlightQuantity
DFA RevenuedcmFloodlightRevenue
DFA ROIdcmROI_perc
Unique eventsuniqueeventsnew