Dimension list for Facebook Insights

64 dimensions available

TIMEYearYearYear, e.g. 2017
Year & monthYearmonthYear and month, e.g. 2017|06
Year & week (Mon-Sun)YearweekYear and week for ISO weeks, e.g. 2017|08
MonthMonthMonth, e.g. 6
Week (Mon-Sun)WeekISOISO week number, e.g. 51
DateDateDate, e.g. 2017-01-31
PAGEPage nameprofile
Page IDprofileid
POSTPost IDpost_ID
Post namepost_name
Link to postpost_linkto
Post typepost_type
Post messagepost_message
Post storypost_story
Post descriptionpost_description
Post status typepost_status_type
Post privacypost_privacy
Post shared linkpost_link
Post object IDpost_object_id
Post thumbnail URLpost_picture
Post image URLpost_full_picture
Post captionpost_caption
Post video length (s)post_video_length
Post creation time of daypost_created_time_of_day
POST COMMENTPost comment textpost_comment_textThe comment text.
Post comment authorpost_comment_authorAuthor of the comment.
Post comment datepost_comment_dateDate of the comment.
Post comment timepost_comment_timeTime of the comment.
VIDEOVideo IDvideo_id
Universal video identifiervideo_universal_id
Video titlevideo_title
Video descriptionvideo_description
Video content categoryvideo_content_category
Video live statusvideo_live_status
Video post publish statusvideo_published
Video image URLvideo_picture
Video source URLvideo_source
Video permalink URLvideo_permalink_url
Video embeddablevideo_embeddable
Video embed HTMLvideo_embed_html
Video crossposting eligibilityvideo_is_crossposting_eligible
Video Instagram eligibilityvideo_is_instagram_eligible
Video length (s)video_length
Video creation time of dayvideo_created_time_of_day
Video backdated timevideo_backdated_time
Video backdated time granularityvideo_backdated_time_granularity
Gender & agegenderage
REVIEWS/RECOMMENDATIONSReview creation datereview_created_dateReview creation date
Reviewer IDreviewer_idThe author ID of a recommendation/review
Reviewerreviewer_nameThe author name of a recommendation/review
Has ratinghas_review_ratingWas a rating included in recommendation/review (1-5 stars)
Has reviewhas_reviewWas there text in the recommendation/review?
Recommendation typereview_recommendation_typeWhether or not this recommendation was "positive" or "negative"
Review textreview_textReview text included in the review
OTHERContent click typeconsumption_type
Action typefeedback_type
Page like sourcelike_source
Story typestory_type
Page tabtab